Henry McDonald (bits ‘n bobs)

Henry McDonald

Henry McDonald is the Ireland Correspondent of The Guardian and The Observer. He’s been a journalist for 26 years and has worked for, among others, The Sunday Times, Evening Press, Irish News, BBC Northern Ireland and Channel 5 News. His articles have also appeared in GQ magazine, The Spectator, Sunday Independent, and Welt am Sonntag in Germany. An author of seven critically acclaimed non-fiction books he is a regular contributor to Newstalk, BBC Radio 5 Live, Newsnight and Prime Time. He has also covered a number of conflicts as well as the Northern Ireland Troubles including the Middle East and the first Gulf War. His feature work has taken in subjects as varied as an encounter with Hezbollah in Lebanon to the story of how the Good Friday Agreement deal was done just hours after the historic 1998 settlement was achieved. He teaches news reporting, on-line journalism and feature writing in various colleges in Dublin including the Dublin Business School and the Irish Writers’ Centre.

Born: Belfast, Jubilee Hospital, Tuesday 6th July.

What are you doing now: Lying in the bath answering your questions after trying to read Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes; a brilliant book about the Vietnam war.

Favourite book(s): Non-fiction: George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia and in fiction, probably Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.

Pet hate(s): Religious fundamentalist nutters and worse still, the fake lefties who suck up to them…plus Liverpool FC.

Worst thing about being Irish: Some pony-tailed chancer thinking he’s your friend just because you share the same piece of earth, while rolling tobacco in a Berlin pub, informing you that he’s “deeply republican”.

Tipple: Georges Duboeuf (in winter), frothy German Wiessbier (in summer).

Work: I’m Ireland Correspondent of The Guardian, previous Ireland Editor of The Observer. I teach Journalism, Blogging and Feature Writing when there’s time! More of the career stuff here in an interview and articles are listed on my Twitter work account.

Books penned: I have ghost-written one or two along the way, but other than that there’s Irishbatt, UVF, Trimble, INLA, UDA, Colours, and Gunsmoke and Mirrors. 

Creative writing: Two novels (second is in progress) and several screenplays.

Travel: Elipsos with June in 2013, overnight train hotel from Paris to Madrid, four course meal, amazing wine, our own cabin, sadly the service has been discontinued.

To be or not to be: I’ll stick around for now.

Academic Qualies: BSSc Philosophy, MA Linguistics, MA Journalism.

Broken bones: Right wrist, one rib.

Deisred superpower: Ability to teleport anywhere in the world in an instant because I hate flying.

Happiest moment: The next breath.

Animal: Goldfish.

Biggest achievement(s): Aside from my children, finishing my novel: a thriller set in Berlin, after seven non-fiction books. Get in touch if you’re interested in reading it.

Country: France.

Film: Wings of Desire

Food: Homemade melt-in-the-mouth ravioli.

On Meeting God: How did you let all that get so screwed up?

  1. Hello both,


    ‘51% British – writing the troubles out of my head’

    Some very niche poetry for you! Enjoy.

  2. Thank you! If I can push the right buttons, I’ll reciprocate!

  3. I just came across your blog by sheer chance, Have spent the last couple of hours reading your comments and thoughts on what´s going on in the world.You´re a quality read. Thank you 🙂

  4. June, sorry to hear about your brother; my son died of cancer just before his 18th birthday. Would like to connect with you on LinkedIn, but don’t have your email address to send the Invite. You’ve got so much great “material”! Best wishes to both of you for continued success with your blog. Dave in San Diego

  5. Hi Henry McDonald – I am a TV Producer at Renegade Pictures. I am trying to contact you – can you email me at heather.brown@renegadepictures.co.uk


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